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Sienna Miller
Sienna Miller

Full Name: Sienna Rose Miller

Birth Date: December 28, 1981

Birth Place: New York, New York, USA (raised in UK)

Height: 5' 6"

Quote: "I went to an all-girls boarding school for most of my youth. We used to do stupid, fun girly things like pull tights over our faces and streak through the lacrosse pitch. And once I snogged the gardener."


Sienna Miller Biography

In the short time that Sienna Miller has been an actress, the 5’6” slender blonde from New York has attracted a lot of attention. However, much of the attention has not focused on her acting abilities: instead, the paparazzi has hounded the nubile lass because of her burgeoning relationship with Hollywood stud Jude Law. But Miller has demonstrated considerable acting skills on the television series “Keen Eddie” (Fox, 2002-2003), where the American-born actress plays a Brit opposite Mark Valley’s NYPD detective.

Born on December 28, 1982, in New York, Miller grew up in a well-to-do home. Her father, Ed Miller, was a prominent banker who was married to top interior designer, Kelly Hoppen, for over ten years. Her biological mom, Jo Miller, directed a Lee Strasberg program at a London drama school. Miller spent most of her youth attending school in England, including Heathfield in Ascot, Surrey, one of the few remaining all-girl boarding schools. As a student, Miller was known for her wild side: she had a penchant for streaking the lacrosse field and snogging the gardener. All in all, Miller balanced having a good time with excelling in her studies, which included music, dance, sports and acting.

Miller returned to New York after graduating from Heathfield to study acting full time at the Lee Strasberg Institute. The actress performed in numerous NYC productions, including “A School for Scandal” by British playwright Richard Brinsely Sheridan and “Cigarettes and Chocolate” by writer/director Anthony Minghella. Miller made the jump to television with her role as Fiona Bickerton on “Keen Eddie”, where she played a British woman forced to live with an NYPD detective (Valley), who is on the trail of a drug dealer he let get away back in the States.

Miller was also cast in a remake of the 1966 comedy classic, “Alfie” (2004). In the update, Miller played one of many women seduced by the roguish Cockney, Alfie (Law) who appears at first to be his perfect, undemanding match--and indeed, the actress' edgy performance was singled out as one of the remake's finer elements. Miller and Law spent most of the shoot avoiding the paparazzi, who smelt a story once they realized the two stars were together, despite Law being in the midst of divorce proceedings with actress Sadie Frost. Before the ink was dry on the papers, Law moved into an NYC apartment with Miller to allow their romance to “blossom away from prying eyes."

Her skills as an actress attracted the attention of British producer Matthew Vaughn of “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” (1999) and “Snatch” (2001) fame. Vaughn cast Miller in his first feature as director, “Layer Cake” (2004), another British gangster comedy involving thugs, drugs and double crosses. In 2005 while Miller was appearing in London's West End production of "As You Like It " her fiancé Law made a public admission of infidelity, apologizing for an affair with his children's nanny (a teary-eyed Miller appeared in the play the day the news broke, but was subsequently replaced by her understudy). The couple's seemingly on-again, off-again relationship captivated the press for several months in 2005; meanwhile, she demonstrated her continuing growth as an actress in "Casanova" (2005), director Lasse Hallstrom's fictionalized account of the legendary lothario (Heath Ledger) falling in love at last, was easily one of the most ill-conceived and disappointing films of the year, despite lavish production values and game performances by Miller--playing the strong-willed, independent-minded Italian noblewoman and secret author who captures Casanova's heart-- and the rest of the all-star cast.

Sienna Miller Filmography

Stardust (2007) .... Victoria
Camille (2007) .... Camille Foster
The Mysteries of Pittsburgh (2007) .... Jane Bellwether
Interview (2007) .... Katya
Factory Girl (2006) .... Edie Sedgwick
Casanova (2005) .... Francesca Bruni
... aka Femur (Philippines: English title)
Alfie (2004) .... Nikki
Layer Cake (2004) .... Tammy
... aka L4yer Cake (USA: DVD box title)
"Keen Eddie" .... Fiona Bickerton (13 episodes, 2003-2004)
"Bedtime" (2001) TV Series .... Stacey (Series 2) (unknown episodes, 2002)
"The American Embassy" .... Babe (1 episode, 2002)
High Speed (2002) .... Savannah
The Ride (2002) .... Sara
... aka Joy-Rider
South Kensington (2001) .... Sharon

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