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Selma Blair
Selma Blair

Full Name: Selma Blair Beitner

Birth Date: June 23, 1972

Birth Place: Southfield, Michigan, USA

Height: 5' 3"

Quote: "I said, 'I need something to make sure that this is real,' a Ferrari or something, and so he gave me a highlighter pen. It was a yellow highlighter pen. ... He told me that his father, Frank Zappa, had asked his mother to marry him with a pen."


Selma Blair Biography

After training at The Stella Adler Conservatory, pretty dark-haired actress Selma Blair began her career with a series of small roles on film and television. In 1997 she appeared in small roles in the features "In & Out" and "Arresting Gena", and had a larger part in the independent "Strong Island Boys". The following year, Blair acted in the series premiere of the Fox comedy "Getting Personal" and had a featured guest role in the CBS drama "Promised Land" as a troubled teenager with a drinking problem. She appeared in the 1998 USA Network TV-movie "No Laughing Matter" before landing a role in the ensemble of the teen comedy feature "Can't Hardly Wait" (1998).

Blair had her first starring film role in the thriller "Brown's Requiem" (1998), the little seen adaptation of crime writer James Ellroy’s first novel, and was chosen to head the cast of the coming-of-age midseason replacement series "Zoe, Duncan, Jack & Jane" (The WB, 1999-2000), playing Zoe Bean, a witty and blunt Manhattan teenager. She was also tapped for the role of shy Cecile in "Cruel Intentions" (1999), a contemporary reworking of "Les Liaisons Dangereuses" set in New York starring Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ryan Phillippe. Later, she was featured as Darcy in the music-themed straight-to-video release, "Girl" (also 1999). In 2001, she gave a memorable performance as an uptight Harvard Law student in the hit comedy "Legally Blonde". Then Blair created a stir as a college student who writes about a degrading sexual encounter with her Pulitzer Prize-winning professor in Todd Solondz's dark comedy, “Storytelling” (2002).

In 2003, she joined Jason Lee and Julia Stiles for the inept romantic comedy "A Guy Thing", in which she was a bride-to-be whose wild child cousin (Stiles) gives her fiancé (Lee) second thoughts. Typically cast as the girl who loses the boy in a romantic triangle, Blair changed course and became a leading lady in the comic book adaptation "Hellboy" (2004), playing Liz Sheridan, a paranormal investigator with formidable pyrotechnic power and the potential paramour for the film's demonic leading man (Ron Perlman). Less successful was her turn in John Waters' misfire "A Dirty Shame" (2004), for which she donned enormous fake prosthetic breasts to play an exotic dancer named Ursula Udders. In the critically-lauded corporate comedy-drama from Paul Weitz, “In Good Company” (2004), Blair played the wife of a young corporate hotshot (Topher Grace) who walks out on him and leaves him with nothing.

She next had a turn in the briefly released corporate thriller, “The Deal” (2005), playing a tree-hugging graduate student from Harvard asked by a an associate on a Wall Street (Christian Slater) to join his firm amidst an oil crisis with the Middle East. Then in the teen dark comedy “Pretty Persuasion” (2005), she was the wife of a high school drama school teacher (Ron Livingston) accused of sexual assault by three students with personal axes to grind. She also made a foray into horror with a leading role in the murky 2005 remake of the John Carpenter classic "The Fog."

Selma Blair Filmography

Hellboy 2: The Golden Army (2008) .... Liz Sherman
The Listening Party (2007)
The Feast of Love (2007) .... Kathryn
Homeland Security (2007) .... Emily
Purple Violets (2007) .... Patti Petalson
Waz (2007) .... Jean Lerner
Hellboy Animated: Blood and Iron (2007) (TV) (voice) .... Liz Sherman
Hellboy Animated: Sword of Storms (2006) (TV) (voice) .... Liz Sherman
The Night of the White Pants (2006) .... Beth Hagan
The Alibi (2006) .... Adelle
... aka Lies & Alibis (USA)
... aka Lies and Alibis (USA)
The Big Empty (2005) .... Alice
The Fog (2005) .... Stevie Wayne
The Deal (2005) .... Abbey Gallagher
Pretty Persuasion (2005) .... Grace Anderson
In Good Company (2004) .... Kimberly
A Dirty Shame (2004) .... Caprice Stickles
Coast to Coast (2004) (TV) .... Stacey Pierce
Hellboy (2004) .... Liz Sherman
... aka Super Sapiens (Malaysia: English title)
DeMarco Affairs (2004) (TV) .... Kate DeMarco
Dallas 362 (2003) .... Peg
A Guy Thing (2003) .... Karen Cooper
"Friends" .... Wendy (1 episode, 2002)
The Sweetest Thing (2002) .... Jane Burns
Highway (2002) .... Cassie
Legally Blonde (2001) .... Vivian Kensington
Storytelling (2001) .... Vi ('Fiction')
Kill Me Later (2001) .... Shawn Holloway
"Xena: Warrior Princess" .... Cyane (1 episode, 2000)
... aka Xena (Australia)
Down to You (2000) .... Cyrus
"Zoe, Duncan, Jack & Jane" .... Zoe Bean (1999-2000)
... aka Zoe (Australia) (USA: new title)
... aka Zoe... (USA: promotional abbreviation)
Cruel Intentions (1999) .... Cecile Caldwell
Debutante (1998) .... Nan
... aka Modern Girl (International: English title)
Can't Hardly Wait (1998) .... Girl Mike Hits On 1
Girl (1998) .... Darcy
No Laughing Matter (1998) (TV) .... Lauren Winslow
"Promised Land" .... Carla Braver (1 episode, 1998)
... aka Home of the Brave
Brown's Requiem (1998) .... Jane
Scream 2 (1997) (voice) (uncredited) .... Cici's Friend on Phone
"Soldier of Fortune, Inc." .... Tish August (1 episode, 1997)
... aka S.O.F. Special Ops Force (USA: second season title)
... aka S.O.F., Inc.
... aka SOF, Inc.
In & Out (1997) .... Cousin Linda
Gone Again (1997) .... Ayla
Arresting Gena (1997) .... Drugged Woman
Amazon High (1997) (TV) .... Cyane
Two in the Morning (1997) .... Shea
Strong Island Boys (1997) .... Tara
Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy (1996) .... Girl at rock concert
... aka Brain Candy (USA: short title)
... aka Kids in the hall: La pilule du bonheur (Canada: French title)
... aka Pilule du bonheur, La (Canada: French title: short title)
The Broccoli Theory (1996) .... Pretzel Cart Lesbian
"The Adventures of Pete & Pete" .... Penelope Ghiruto (1 episode, 1995)
... aka Pete and Pete (USA: short title)

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