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Sela Ward
Sela Ward

Full Name: Sela Ann Ward

Birth Date: July 11, 1956

Birth Place: Meridian, Mississippi, USA

Height: 5' 7½"

Measurements: 34-24-34


Sela Ward Biography

Sela Ward's gorgeous looks have made an impact, from her early days as a cheerleader to her current TV role as an over-40 stunner. But it's Ward's intelligence and ability to play genuine, complex characters that make her a real beauty.

Ward has often been cast as a glamorous ice queen, but in real life, she's a warm, earthy Southerner. Born and raised in the sleepy town of Meridian, Mississippi, Ward, the oldest of four, excelled at everything she put her mind to, from her classes to her stint on the cheerleading squad to painting. The only glitch in her picture-perfect childhood was the jealousy and backbiting of other girls in her school; in response to their cattiness, Ward became withdrawn. It was only at the University of Alabama — where she majored in art and advertising, cheered during nationally televised games and dated a football player — that Ward came into her own and realized the depth of her determination and strength.

After graduating in 1973, Ward headed to New York City, where she quickly began finding work as a model. After five years in front of the camera, Ward nabbed a two-day acting gig on a soap opera. In a flash, she discovered she loved acting, so she packed up her bags and moved to Los Angeles to try her luck. Her first job was a bit part in a movie called "The Man Who Loved Women," starring Burt Reynolds and Julie Andrews, which bombed despite its star power. Next, she was cast as a ruthless femme fatale on the short-lived TV show "Emerald Point N.A.S." Awed by her stunning looks, producers and directors repeatedly cast Ward as a stereotypical ice queen in what were, unfortunately, a string of flops.

In 1991, Ward's luck changed when she was cast as Teddy Reed, a recovering alcoholic and artist, on the TV series "Sisters." The show ran for six seasons and showcased Ward as a serious dramatic talent. She won an Emmy Award for Best Actress for this role in 1994. On a personal level, 1991 was a terrific year for Ward. She met venture capitalist Howard Sherman on a blind date. The two clicked immediately and traveled together to Italy for a whirlwind romantic getaway. By Christmas of that same year, the inseparable couple got engaged in a New York City café, and tied the knot at a friend's palatial home the following year. They now have two children, Austin and Anabella.

After "Sisters" went off the air, Ward took on several challenging TV movie roles, including the title role in 1995's "Almost Golden: The Jessica Savitch Story." She also tried her hand at producing. Her first project was a Lifetime documentary that was inspired by her experiences with ageism, called "The Changing Face of Beauty." And she produced the TV movie "Catch a Falling Star." She also appeared in the hit film "The Fugitive" as Harrison Ford's wife. In 1999, Ward returned to the small screen, playing a separated and sexy mother of two in "Once and Again," a hit with audiences. She and her husband recently bought a second house near her ancestral home in Mississippi and have poured their hearts and money into several community projects in the area, including building a performing arts center and a home for abused and abandoned kids.

Sela Ward Filmography

The Guardian (2006) .... Helen Randall
"House M.D." .... Stacy Warner (2005-2006)
-- aka House
Suburban Madness (2004) (TV) .... Bobbi Bacha
The Day After Tomorrow (2004) .... Dr. Lucy Hall
Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (2004) .... Jeannie Miller
-- aka Dirty Dancing 2
The Badge (2002) .... Carla Hardwick
Catch a Falling Star (2000) (TV) .... Sydney Clarke, aka Cheryl Belson
"Once and Again" .... Lily Manning (1999-2002)
The Reef (1999) .... Anna Leath
-- aka Passion's Way
Runaway Bride (1999) .... Pretty Woman in Bar
54 (1998) .... Billie Auster
-- aka Fifty-Four
"The New Batman Adventures" .... Page Monroe/Calendar Girl (voice) (1 episode: "Mean Seasons" 1998)
Rescuers: Stories of Courage: Two Women (1997) (TV) .... Marie-Rose Gineste
"Frasier" .... Kelly Easterbrook/Swimsuit Model/Zoology Student (1 episode: "Frasier's Imaginary Friend" 1997)
My Fellow Americans (1996) .... Kaye Griffin
Almost Golden: The Jessica Savitch Story (1995) (TV) .... Jessica Savitch
-- aka Almost Golden
"Sisters" .... Teddy Reed (3 episodes, 1991-1993)
The Fugitive (1993) .... Helen Kimble
Killer Rules (1993) (TV) .... Dorothy Wade
Double Jeopardy (1992) (TV) .... Karen Hart
Child of Darkness, Child of Light (1991) (TV) .... Sister Anne
Rainbow Drive (1990) (TV) .... Laura Demming
"Christine Cromwell" .... Toni Cerreta (1 episode: "In Vino Veritas" 1990)
The Haunting of Sarah Hardy (1989) (TV) .... Sarah Hardy
Bridesmaids (1989) (TV) .... Caryl
The King of Love (1987) (TV) .... Annie Larkspur
Hello Again (1987) .... Kim Lacey
Cameo by Night (1987) (TV) .... Jennifer/Cameo
Steele Justice (1987) .... Tracy
"Night Court" .... Heather (1 episode: "Christine's Friend" 1987)
"L.A. Law" .... Lynette Pierce (2 episodes, 1986)
"Hotel" .... Isabel Atwood (1 episode: "Hornet's Nest" 1986)
-- aka Arthur Hailey's Hotel
Nothing in Common (1986) .... Cheryl Ann Wayne
"I Had Three Wives" .... Emily (Episode 1.2, 1985)
Rustlers' Rhapsody (1985) .... Colonel's Daughter
The Man Who Loved Women (1983) .... Janet Wainwright
"Emerald Point N.A.S." (1983) TV Series .... Hilary Adams

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