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Saffron Burrows

Saffron Burrows

Full Name: Saffron Dominique Burrows

Birth Date: January 1, 1973

Birth Place: London, England, UK

Height: 6'

Occupation: Actress


Saffron Burrows Biography

Saffron Dominique Burrows was born on New Year's Day, 1973, into a politically charged household. Her parents were active socialist-feminists who had Saffron distributing flyers and attending rallies throughout her childhood. Young Saffron even had to share her house with striking miners. Who knew that she would end up with a successful modeling and acting career?

At age 15, Burrows was discovered in London's Covent Garden, by the same scout who had discovered Naomi Campbell. An impressive modeling career in France and England ensued, with several major companies building on her precocious looks. However, by the age of 17, Saffron sought something more fulfilling and decided to return to her childhood love of acting.

In 1993, she won her first movie role in the drama, In the Name of the Father, which introduced her to Daniel Day-Lewis, whom she ended up dating for a few years. Making steady progress in her career, Burrows won her first major part in 1995's Circle of Friends. The film was a respected romantic drama and co-starred Colin Firth, Minnie Driver, and Alan Cumming, with whom Saffron also became romantically involved.

Television was Saffron's medium of choice in 1996, with a successful turn on the BBC mini-series Cold Lazarus and Karaoke (she starred as the same character in both features, which had the same director). But it was the following year, 1997, which determined the course of her career.

After appearances in the films Nevada and Lovelife, Saffron worked with the critically-acclaimed director of Leaving Las Vegas, Mike Figgis, on One Night Stand. Their personal and professional relationship has endured through The Loss of Sexual Innocence, Miss Julie, and the split-screen experimental outing, Timecode.

Meanwhile, Saffron's career has seen its share of ups and downs. In 1998, she was fired from Woody Allen's Celebrity for "not being vulgar enough." She starred as a lieutenant commander in the 1999 flop Wing Commander, and as a scientist in the high-budget action flick, Deep Blue Sea. The following year, Burrows appeared as a tough girl in 2000's Gangster No. 1.

In 2001, Saffron kept busy with roles in Enigma, Tempted and Figgis' Hotel. Audiences could also spot her in 2002's critically-acclaimed Frida, starring Salma Hayek. Saffron then appeared in the Spanish film, The Galindez Mystery, and the much-anticipated Troy in 2004.

Saffron Burrows lives with Mike Figgis and splits her time between her Hollywood and London residences.

Saffron Burrows Filmography

Love and Virtue (2008) .... Bradamante
Baker Street (2008) .... Martine
There for Me (2007)
The Guitar (2007) .... Mel Wilder
Reign Over Me (2007) .... Donna
Dangerous Parking (2006) .... Claire
Marple: Towards Zero (2006) (TV) .... Audrey Strange
Broken Thread (2006) .... Jenny
Fay Grim (2006) .... Juliet
Klimt (2006) .... Lea de Castro
Perfect Creature (2006) .... Lilly
Terrible Kisses (2004) .... Woman
Troy (2004) .... Andromache
Peter Pan (2003) (voice) .... Story Narrator
The Galindez File (2003) .... Muriel Colber
... aka Misterio Galíndez, El (Spain)
Frida (2002) .... Gracie
Flashpoint (2002) (TV) .... Dara
... aka E.I.S.: Epidemiologic Intelligence Service
Hideous Man (2002)
The Seventh Stream (2001) (TV) .... Mairead
Hotel (2001) .... Duchess of Malfi
Tempted (2001) .... Lilly LeBlanc
... aka Séduction fatale (France)
Enigma (2001) .... Claire
... aka Enigma - Das Geheimnis (Germany)
Gangster No. 1 (2000) .... Karen
... aka Gangster Nr. 1 (Germany)
Timecode (2000) .... Emma
Miss Julie (1999) .... Miss Julie
Deep Blue Sea (1999) .... Dr. Susan McCallister
The Loss of Sexual Innocence (1999) .... English/Italian Twin
Wing Commander (1999) .... Lt. Cmdr. 'Angel' Devereaux
... aka Wing Commander: Space Will Never Be the Same (USA)
The MatchMaker (1997) .... Moira Kennedy Kelly
One Night Stand (1997) .... Supermodel
Lovelife (1997) .... Zoey
Nevada (1997) .... Quinn
"Karaoke" (1996) (mini) TV Series .... Sandra Sollars
Hotel de Love (1996) .... Melissa Morrison
I Bring You Frankincense (1996) .... Sarah Brown
"Cold Lazarus" (1996) (mini) TV Series .... Sandra Sollars
Circle of Friends (1995) .... Nan Mahon
The Big One (1995) (TV) .... Jules
... aka Rik Mayall Presents The Big One
Welcome II the Terrordome (1995) .... Jodie
In the Name of the Father (1993) .... Girl in Commune

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