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Rachel Roberts
Rachel Roberts

Birth Date: March 4, 1978

Birth Place: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Height: 5' 9"


Rachel Roberts Biography

A stunning model whose smoldering layouts in such high-fashion magazines as Elle, Glamour, and Vogue found her gracing catwalks across Europe, Rachel Roberts' seeming lack of physical imperfection caught the attention of producers preparing a film about the first virtual-actress and placed her as the ideal candidate for the role of the ultimate special effect in Simone (2002).

Born in British Columbia, Canada, Roberts began her career at age 16. Going international shortly thereafter, the ethereal beauty was courted by numerous fashion magazines and eventually appeared in ads for Victoria's Secret and Banana Republic in addition to gracing the pages of the 2000 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Though her film debut remained shrouded in mystery due to a gag order issued by New Line Cinema, in addition to Roberts' working under the pseudonym Anna Green (short for Anamorphic Green-Screen, a special effects device which offers the ability to implement digital effects in film) during production, the film's debut found the true identity of the model-turned-actress ultimately revealed. Nevertheless, producers noted that certain aspects of the character, such as vocal patterns, were an amalgam of traits from other Hollywood actresses.

Rachel Roberts Filmography

Entourage .... Monika (1 episode, "Gary's Desk," 2007)
Ugly Betty (TV Series) .... Marla (1 episode, "Secretaries Day," 2007)
How to Seduce Difficult Women (2007) .... Sabrina
Still Life (TV Series) .... Nona (1 episode, "Gravity," 2004)
S1m0ne (2002) .... Simone

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