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Nicole Neumann
Nicole Neumann

Full Name: Nicole Unter Ruberbache Neumann

Birth Date: October 31, 1980

Birth Place: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Occupation: Model


Nicole Neumann Biography

Nicole Neumann was born on October 31, 1980. She is an Argentinian supermodel and actress. She started modeling professionally at age 11, and is regarded as one of the top Argentinian models in the world fashion scene, along with Carolina Ardohain, Rocio Guirao Diaz, and others following on the footsteps of Yamila Diaz-Rahi and Valeria Mazza.

Nicole Neumann Filmography

"Jesús, el heredero" (2004) TV Series .... Camila
-- aka The Heir
"Cabecita" (1999) TV Series .... Bárbara
-- aka Sweet Lucia
Esa maldita costilla (1999) .... Joven despampanante
-- aka The Dammed Rib
"90-60-90 modelos" (1996) TV Series .... Azul Ramayo
-- aka 90-60-90 Models

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