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Where the Truth Lies

Where the Truth Lies is an interesting film noir. It follows the structure of every true noir, with sappy dialogue and dramatic music, plot twists, and a lead detective. The one thing in this movie that you won't find in the old classic noir films is the NC-17 rating and a whole lot of nudity. I've been waiting for Alison Lohman and Rachel Blanchard to bare all and I got both in one movie. If for no other reason, you can enjoy yourself by spending a good portion of this movie looking at some nice tits...usually in some sort of sex scene. Other than all the sex, the story is relatively interesting, but nothing to write home about. If you're a fan of noir, Alison Lohman, Rachel Blanchard, and a few random naked girls, this movie is definitely worth a viewing.

Where the Truth Lies


Alison Lohman, Kevin Bacon, Colin Firth, Rachel Blanchard


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