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Warning: Unless you are under the age of 4 or stoned, do not go see this movie.

Maybe some of you, like myself, went to the movie theater one day with intentions to view a different film, but, say, got caught in traffic, missed the original movie's beginning and wouldn't understand the rest of the film if you attempted to watch it at that point. Then, innocently, you say, 'well, screw getting our money back, let's just watch a different one.' At which point you realize that you've seen every other movie playing except...Scooby-Doo. 'How bad could it be?' you think. 'It's got all those famous people in it.' (Note: Famous people make LOTS of bad movies.) So, you meander into the theater with your $4-per-kernal-overly-salted-to-convince-you-to-buy-a- $6- soda-which-will-further-dehydrate-you-and-get-you-to- buy-a-$3-bottle-of-water popcorn and get comfortable. Approximately from the time the movie starts, you and your friend start asking each other 'Uhhh...should we leave?' But for some unexplainable reason, you stay.

Basically everything sucked about this movie. I mean, I'm actually a fan of cartoons, but this movie was an insult to cartoons everywhere. There were maybe 2 good jokes in the whole movie--and I can't remember one of them. The only thing it had going for it was Matthew Lillard playing Shaggy, and his I-want-to-have-mad-monkey-sex-with-her girlfriend, Mary Jane, played by Isla Fisher. I also have to hand it to them, they did manage to potray the whole Shaggy-and-Scooby-are-potheads aspect, without actually encouraging your todler to smoke weed. Yet, it is not worth the hour and a half or the $8.



Sarah Michelle Gellar, Matthew Lillard, Freddie Prince Jr., Linda Cardellini, Isla Fisher, Rowan Atkinson

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