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Apparently there are a lot of unsatisfied Matrix Reloaded viewers. I have gotten a lot of mixed reviews about this movie from friends of mine. Some said that it doesn't live up to the first one. Here is my theory: The people who did not enjoy this movie, a.) had expectations too high for any movie to fill b.) wanted the newness of the first movie. That is, the new concepts, ideas, worlds. But, they couldn't get that same burst of newness from this movie that they did from the original because it expands on the same ideas.

Anyway, I think this movie is definitely worth seeing. It has amazing special effects and action scenes. Everything from fighting off a gang of agents to a 15 minute car chase sequence. I do, however, have one complaint about the car chase: the goddamn cars they used. Trinity drives an automatic Cadillac. What the shit is that? They really sold out on that one. But, beside their whorish ways in advertising, that scene should make anyone cream their pants.

Ohhh...but the creaming doesn't stop there. Sex, action, philosophy, new characters, life and death. Bring a towel, they've done it again.

The Matrix Reloaded


Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, Laurence Fishburne

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The Matrix Reloaded
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