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Okay, before the bashing begins, let me preface by saying that I actually hold a high level of respect for firefighters and think that the work they do is great and dandy, and I'm glad there are people willing and wanting to do such a job.

Now, reasons this movie sucks...

Let's start by mentioning the grotesque Catholic frosting they've globed all over this movie. Apparently, all good firefighters are also good Catholics, which is why you too should love Jesus and vote for Bush. Give me a fucking break. The religious parts were completely unnecessary. What about the atheist firefighter who also has a hot wife, and saves old men and babies? If I was that firefighter, I'd be pretty pissed about the representation in this movie. I would also be pissed if I was a woman firefighter. They must be driving feminists to physical outrage with the lack of estrogen in this firehouse. Anyway, the point is, if they're trying to show the life of firefighters, they kind of left a few people out.

I do believe an actual wheel of cheese rolled back and forth across the screen periodically throughout the film. Now, if I'm remembering correctly, this movie was not intended to be funny, yet, I found myself laughing out loud. I don't know how this script could have looked any better on paper. There are no excuses.

The film's one semi-accomplishment is making people sad. I'm assuming that sadness was one of their goals. Yes, they made a sad story, but it's nothing to write home about.

The only thing this movie has going for it is Jacinda Barrett, and she doesn't get naked like the last time we saw her.

Ladder 49


John Travolta, Joaquin Phoenix, Jacinda Barrett

 Ladder 49
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