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They have successfully ruined Catwoman. It's one thing to allow a little cheese with a comic book film, but this was unacceptable. The story is terrible and nonexistent in comics.

Halle Berry is brought back to life by a cat who has deemed her worthy of its essence. He gives her cat powers, which apparently include a lifetime of martial arts training, allowing her to beat the shit out of large men with guns, while wearing heals. Oh yes, and I almost forgot, cat powers also include professional basketball skills.

Sharon Stone is super-bitch and kills everyone with ease, all thanks to her evil beauty cream! Who knew that defeating wrinkles could include such outstanding side effects as creating super-human unbreakable skin, which in turn acts as body armor! What will Catwoman do now?!

Benjamin Bratt plays the cop who is sleeping with Patience Phillips aka Catwoman. There are really no excuses for the whole situation between them. I'm sorry, but he has to have a serious case of FAS to encounter someone he's slept with, with half a mask on and fail to recognize the person. Especially if we are to believe that he has actually been allowed to penetrate Halle Berry.

The film is littered with CGI and I'm thinkin' Halle didn't have to get off her ass much while making this movie because the computer Halle does everything for her. It's just too much.

On top of all other disasters, who ever created the soundtrack to this movie should be fired from life and disowned by all. Therefore, no one should purchase it and I have not created links for you to do so.

Okay, I'm done. I can't go on talking about it. There is only one reason to watch this movie--Halle Berry in leather.



Halle Berry, Sharon Stone, Benjamin Bratt

Catwoman - Halle Berry
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