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Marley Shelton
Marley Shelton

Birth Date: April 12, 1974

Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, USA

Height: 5' 6"

Hometown: Eagle Rock, California

Quote: "I feel like some old-school screen diva when I talk about this stuff, but I've been watching dailies lately, and I realize that my eyes are kind of...large. If I turn them too far, I look like I'm possessed."


Marley Shelton Biography

A fresh-faced blonde with a passing resemblance to acting contemporary Heather Graham, Marley Shelton began her career as a child in the early 1990s, essayed scene-stealing supporting characters later in her career, and soon went on to land her first starring role in the high-school set black comedy "Sugar and Spice" (2000).

Billed early on as Marlee Shelton, the young actress made her film debut in 1991's "Grand Canyon" and was later featured as a junior femme fatale, playing the lifeguard crush object of the young boys in "The Sandlot" (1993).

In 1995, her feature career took off when Oliver Stone's cast her as the teenage daughter Tricia in the biopic "Nixon". She followed up with a part in the less prestigious children's actioner "Warriors of Virtue" (1997) and scored a featured part in "Pleasantville" portraying Margaret the TV land girl who captures the heart of Tobey Maguire's thoughtful David. The role landed Shelton on the film's theatrical poster, with her character playing a crucial part in one of the feature's most memorable and visually arresting sequences.

In 1999, she joined in film's teen boom, playing one of the popular high school girls in the romantic comedy "Never Been Kissed" and as the sardonic sister of the one true love of "The Bachelor."

Marley Shelton Filmography

The Fifth Patient (2007) .... Helen
Grindhouse (2007) .... Dr. Dakota Block
The Last Kiss (2006) .... Arianna
Jesus, Mary and Joey (2006) .... Mary O'Callahan
American Dreamz (2006) .... Jessica
... aka American Dreamz (Australia)
"American Dad!"
- Deacon Stan, Jesus Man (2005) TV Episode (voice) .... Betsy
Don't Come Knocking (2005) .... Starlet
Sin City (2005) .... The Customer
... aka Frank Miller's Sin City (USA: complete title)
The Old Man and the Studio (2004) .... Kaitlyn
"Karen Sisco"
- Dog Day Sisco (2004) TV Episode .... Tweety
Grand Theft Parsons (2003) .... Susie
Uptown Girls (2003) .... Ingrid
Dallas 362 (2003) .... Amanda
Moving Alan (2003) .... Melissa Kennard
Just a Kiss (2002) .... Rebecca
On the Borderline (2001) .... Nicky
Bubble Boy (2001) .... Chloe
Valentine (2001) .... Kate Davies
Sugar & Spice (2001) .... Diane Weston
Protect-O-Man (1999) .... Paige Turner
The Bachelor (1999) .... Natalie Arden
Never Been Kissed (1999) .... Kristin Davis
Lured Innocence (1999) .... Elsie Townsend
"Fantasy Island"
- Pilot (1998) TV Episode .... Jane
Pleasantville (1998) .... Margaret Henderson
Hairshirt (1998) .... Hot Blonde Girl
... aka Too Smooth (USA: reissue title)
Trojan War (1997) .... Brooke Kingsley
... aka Rescue Me
Warriors of Virtue (1997) .... Elysia
When Friendship Kills (1996) (TV) .... Jennifer Harnsberger
... aka A Secret Between Friends: A Moment of Truth Movie (USA)
Nixon (1995) .... Tricia Nixon Cox
Take Me Home Again (1994) (TV) .... Lisa
Hercules in the Underworld (1994) (TV) (as Marlee Shelton) .... Iole
A Friend to Die For (1994) (TV) .... Jamie
... aka Death of a Cheerleader (UK)
"Angel Falls" (1993) TV Series (as Marlee Shelton) .... Brandi Dare
In the Line of Duty: Ambush in Waco (1993) (TV) (as Marlee Shelton) .... Laura
The Sandlot (1993) (as Marlee Shelton) .... Wendy
... aka The Sandlot Kids
- Freedom of the Road (1992) TV Episode .... Katie Stahl
"Bodies of Evidence"
- The Edge (1992) TV Episode (as Marlee Shelton) .... Julie Belmont
"Family Matters"
- Woman of the People (1992) TV Episode .... Becky Sue
Grand Canyon (1991) .... Amanda

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