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Maggie Rizer
Maggie Rizer

Birth Name: Margaret Mary Rizer

Birth Date: January 9, 1978

Birth Place: Watertown, New York, USA

Height: 5' 9"

Measurements: 32½-24-34½


Maggie Rizer Biography

Maggie Rizer got her broke into the modeling world when her mother, Maureen Breen, sent Maggie's pictures to Ford because she'd heard it was an important agency. Maggie did one or two tests but wasn't really interested; she wanted to go to college. Her booker and later-on close personal friend, Louie Chaban, had moved over to Ford and called her, to no avail. After her first year of college, one semester at R.I.T., and one at Genesco University in upstate New York, Louie called again, this time relaying the message that Steven Meisel wanted to shoot her for Italian Vogue. After shooting three stories together as well as the coveted September Italian Vogue cover, (in 1997), she decided to stay in Manhattan to see what would happen. Plenty happened in the next two years with Chaban's help.

Maggie has three sisters Julia, Katie and Patricia, and a brother Jake. Her mother, Maureen Breen, reports her youngest sister was so little as Maggie started in the business that she thought magazines were really named "Maggie-zines."

Maggie is currently living in West Village with her younger sister who is attending law school.

Maggie Rizer Filmography

"Sex and the City" playing "Party Girl #1" in episode: "Let There Be Light" (episode # 6.13) 4 January 2004

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