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Lena Headey
Lena Headey

Birth Date: October 3, 1976

Birth Place: Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England, UK

Height: 5' 5½"


Lena Headey Biography

Since her feature debut in a supporting role as a sexually precocious schoolgirl in "Waterland" (1992), Yorkshire lass Lena Headey has worked steadily in both British and American films. On the heels of "Waterland", she portrayed a quiet young woman who has no idea why she consented to marriage with a thoroughly unbearable man twice her age in "The Summer House", which aired on British TV before its theatrical release, and had a small role as the upstairs maid in the Merchant-Ivory period drama "The Remains of the Day" (both 1993). Answering Hollywood's call, she landed the role of the virginal heroine of Disney's live-action "Indiana Jones" take on "Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book" (1994) and also made her American TV debut that year in the ABC movie "MacGyver: Trail to Doomsday", based on the long-running series. The blush was definitely off the ingénue the following year in her roles for British TV as an Ecstasy-fueled raver in "Loved Up" and a troubled lesbian prostitute in the miniseries "Band of Gold".

The underutilized Headey brought a spark of humanity to Antonia Bird's "Face" as the girlfriend trying to persuade her boyfriend (Robert Carlyle) to abandon his life of crime. In the flashback sequences of the period drama "Mrs. Dalloway" (both 1997), she added a buoyancy and verve as the daring Sally Seton who not only flirts with Natascha McElhone (as the young unmarried Clarrisa) but also runs naked through the Edwardian household. Headey lent her beauty and charm to the role of the bewitching girl whom two guys want to marry in the disappointing time-travel romance "Twice Upon Yesterday/If Only" (1998). She was perfectly cast as Guinevere in the swashbuckling NBC miniseries "Merlin" (also 1998), which rejoined Sam Neill (who portrayed her father in "Jungle Book"), here cast as the legendary sorcerer. After enjoying a pivotal role as Liv Tyler's sister Olga in Martha Fiennes' feature directorial debut "Onegin" (1999), Heady sank her teeth into the role of a bitchy college student in the dark comedy "Gossip" (2000), the first film of a two-picture deal with Warner Bros. She additionally starred in the festival-screened "Aberdeen" (2000), earning praise for her turn as a lawyer who must reconnect with her estranged parents, an alcoholic father and a domineering mother dying of cancer.

Her resume expanded over the next several years, with key supporting appearances in such projects as Neil LaBute's romantic mystery "Possession" (2002), the acclaimed HBO Winston Churchill biopic "The Gathering Storm" (2002), the adaptation of author Patricia Highsmith's lesser known Thomas Ripley tale "Ripley's Game" (2002) and other lesser endeavors. Although she was not director Terry Gilliam's initial choice to play Anjelika, the tough-as-nails love interest of the Bavarian fairy tale tellers in "The Brothers Grimm" (2005), producer Harvey Weinstein insisted that she be cast over Gilliam's choice, Samantha Morton. The actress equated herself well opposite Matt Damon and Heath Ledger in the otherwise disappointing film.

Her next appearance was in the sci-fi horror thriller, “The Cave” (2005), wherein she played a biologist lead by explorers into an elaborate cave system beneath the newly discovered ruins of a 13th century Romanian abbey. But instead of discovering an new ecosystem, as she and her fellow biologists had hoped, the group finds a new species of unique and unwelcoming beings formed by the isolated environment. A clichéd storyline, unknown cast and lack of aggressive advertising ensured a $6 million opening weekend.

Lena Headey Filmography

Vivaldi (2008) .... Norina
The Brøken (2008) .... Gina McVey
Rote Baron, Der (2007) .... Käte
-- aka The Red Baron
The Shooter (2007) .... Ballard
"The Sarah Connor Chronicles" .... Sarah Connor (2007 - )
300 (2006) .... Queen Gorgo
-- aka Frank Miller's 300
Ultra (2006) (TV) .... Penny/Ultra
Imagine Me & You (2005) .... Luce
The Brothers Grimm (2005) .... Angelika
The Cave (2005) .... Kathryn
The Long Firm (2004) (TV) .... Ruby Ryder
No Verbal Response (2003) .... Dr. Megan Pillay
The Actors (2003) .... Dolores
Ripley's Game (2002) .... Sarah Trevanny
Possession (2002) .... Blanche Glover
The Gathering Storm (2002) (TV) .... Ava Wigram
The Parole Officer (2001) .... Emma
Round About Five (2001) .... Girlfriend
Anazapta (2001) .... Matilda
Aberdeen (2000) .... Kairo 'Kaisa' Heller
Gossip (2000) .... Cathy Jones
Ropewalk (2000) .... Allison
-- aka Hanginaround
Onegin (1999) .... Olga Larina
Inside-Out (1999)
The Man with Rain in His Shoes (1998) .... Sylvia Weld
-- aka If Only...
-- aka Twice Upon a Yesterday
Merlin (1998) (TV) .... Queen Guinevere
Mrs. Dalloway (1997) .... Young Sally
-- aka Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway
Face (1997) .... Connie
"The Hunger" .... Steph Reynolds (1 episode: "Menage a Trois" 1997)
"Kavanagh QC" .... Natasha Jackson (1 episode: "Diplomatic Baggage" 1997)
"Gold" (1997) TV Series .... Colette
"Ballykissangel" .... Jenny (1 episode: "The Things We Do for Love" 1996)
The Grotesque (1995) .... Cleo Coal
-- aka Gentlemen Don't Eat Poets
-- aka Grave Indiscretion
Loved Up (1995) (TV) .... Sarah
"Band of Gold" (1995) (TV Mini Series) .... Colette
Devil's Advocate (1995) (TV) .... Clare Rigby
The Jungle Book (1994) .... Katherine 'Kitty' Brydon
-- aka Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book
MacGyver: Trail to Doomsday (1994) (TV) .... Elise Moran
Fair Game (1994) (TV) .... Ellie
The Remains of the Day (1993) .... Lizzie
"Spender" (2 episodes, 1993)
Century (1993) .... Miriam
"Soldier Soldier" .... Shenna Bowles (3 episodes, 1993)
Waterland (1992) .... Young Mary
Clothes in the Wardrobe (1992) (TV) .... Margaret
-- aka The Summer House

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