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Laurel Holloman
Laurel Holloman

Birth Date: May 23, 1971

Birth Place: Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA

Occupation: Actress


Laurel Holloman Biography

Laurel Holloman was born and raised in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She grauated from Chicago's Piven Theatre Workshop, and attended New York University and the British American Dramatic Academy in London.

Holloman landed a leading role as her first role in the 1995 film "The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love." She subsequently appeared in leading and supporting roles, notably 1997's "Prefontaine" starring Jared Leto and "Boogie Nights" which won multiple awards. In 1999, Holloman was seen in "Tumbleweeds" which won high praise at Sundance. Holloman is well known for playing Justine on the 2001/2002 season of "Angel," and is best known for her role as Tina Kennard on the Showtime's series "The L Word." Holloman has appeared on the hit series, which follows a group of lesbian friends living in Los Angeles, since its inception in 2004. The show will debut its fourth season in January 2007.

Holloman married Paul Macherey in July 2003, and they have one daughter together, Lola Reiko Macherey, (born November 4, 2004).

Laurel Holloman Filmography

"The L Word" (2004-) .... Tina Kennard
"Without a Trace" .... Joan Wilson (1 episode, 2003)
... aka W.A.T (USA: short title)
- Underground Railroad (2003) TV Episode .... Joan Wilson
"Angel" .... Justine Cooper (2001-2002)
... aka Angel: The Series (USA)
Alone (2002) .... Charlotte
"Touched by an Angel" .... Nicole (1 episode, 2002)
- Hello, I Love You (2002) TV Episode .... Nicole
"That's Life" .... Karen Matlin (3 episodes, 2001)
- Bad Chemistry (2001) TV Episode .... Karen Matlin
- M.Y.O.B. (2001) TV Episode .... Karen Matlin
- The Devil and Miss DeLucca (2001) TV Episode .... Karen Matlin
Popcorn Shrimp (2001) .... Cop 1
Last Ball (2001) .... Cathy
The Rising Place (2001) .... Emily Hodge
Liberty, Maine (2001)
Committed (2000) .... Adelle
... aka Non Stop Girl
Morning (2000) .... Shelly
Cherry (1999) .... Evy Sweet
Chapter Zero (1999) .... Jane
Loving Jezebel (1999) .... Samantha
... aka Chasing Beauties (USA)
Tumbleweeds (1999) .... Laurie Pendleton
Lush (1999) .... Ashley 'Ash' Van Dyke
Loser Love (1999) .... Lily Delacroix
Tide (1999) .... Lilly
Stamp and Deliver (1998)
"Cracker" (2 episodes, 1997)
... aka Fitz (UK)
- True Romance: Part 2 (1997) TV Episode
- True Romance: Part 1 (1997) TV Episode
Boogie Nights (1997) .... Sheryl Lynn
The Myth of Fingerprints (1997) .... Leigh
Dying to Belong (1997) (TV) .... Shannon
Prefontaine (1997) .... Elaine Finley
The Clearing (1997)
The First to Go (1997) .... Carrie
Blossom Time (1996) .... Francis Bodean
Dalva (1996) (TV) .... Karen
The Price of Love (1995) .... Roxanne
The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love (1995) .... Randy Dean

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