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Kate Bosworth
Kate Bosworth

Birth Name: Catherine Ann Bosworth

Birth Date: January 2, 1983

Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, USA

Height: 5' 7"

Quote: "I think all human beings are complex in their own ways, but to be honest I'm just not a particulary dark person."


Kate Bosworth Biography

An only child, Catherine Ann Bosworth was born January 2, 1983 in Los Angeles to Patti and Hal Bosworth, but was largely raised on the East Coast. As a young child, she moved around frequently due to her father's demanding retail job. The experience was difficult at times, as every 4 to 5 years Bosworth would have to switch cities and schools. However, looking back, she claims the experience,” created an independence that's invaluable to me now.”

From the ages of 9 to 13, Kate spent her time in Darien, Connecticut, an extremely affluent suburban community. Surprisingly, Bosworth never had any desire to be an actress and her first break at 13 came mostly because she thought it would fun to ride horses in a feature film. Her experience as an equestrian was the main reason she won the tragic role of Scarlett Johanson's best friend in Robert Redford's The Horse Whisperer. Her previous acting experience had consisted of singing at county fairs in California and acting in a community theater production of Annie. The experience on the set had a profound impact on a young Bosworth, and Kate decided that she wanted to be a part of an "environment which is so creative."

However, she put her desires on the back burner in exchange for a normal childhood. Now 14 and living in Boston, she attended school for two more years, even though she was offered numerous parts during that interval. During high school she played soccer and lacrosse and was involved in numerous charitable clubs as well as the National Honor Society. At 16, she decided to try her luck in the business again, with similar results. When she was just 17 and a senior at Cohasset High School, Kate won the role of Bella on the short-lived WB summer series, Young Americans. She temporarily relocated for the summer to Baltimore, Maryland where Americans was shot. Kate auditioned for Bella because she was attracted to her strengths. "She is a strong character, a young woman very self-sufficient, able to take care of herself, and the love story between her and Scout is very intriguing," Kate has commented. When the series was canceled, Bosworth decided it was finally time to pack up her bags and she left family and friends to move to Los Angeles.

In 2000, she landed the role of the bratty sister, Courtney Docherty, in the feature film The Newcomers and the part of a football co-captain's girlfriend, Emma Hoyt, in Denzel Washington’s Remember the Titans. Both were smaller roles for Bosworth, but allowed her to hone her acting skills and become acclimated to movie sets.

In early 2001, she got the part of Anne Marie Chadwick in Blue Crush, a film about surfing, so she moved to Hawaii for filming. Although not a box office smash, when the film was released in summer 2002 , it catapulted Bosworth into the limelight and she got her first taste of a celebrity lifestyle. It is rumored that around this time, Bosworth met Orlando Bloom, of Lord of the Rings fame and the two started quietly dating. After Blue Crush premiered, Bosworth appeared briefly in the dark and sexually charged “The Rules of Attraction” as Kelly in October of 2002. The decision proved that Bosworth wasn’t about to be pigeonholed.

Her next role was that of Dawn Schiller, the teenage lover of porn star John Holmes (Val Kilmer) in 2003’s Wonderland. It was based upon the true story of the brutal murder of a gang of drug dealers in a house on Wonderland Avenue in Los Angeles. Immediately after taking that role, she also signed on to star as Rosalee Futch in the light romantic comedy, Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! which premiered in 2004. Bosworth claims that it was pure luck that she was able to do both films at the same time, especially ones that were essentially polar opposites. Bosworth also had a role as Trinity Montage in Advantage Hart, a short film about a young tennis star, but the role has mostly been overlooked.

Bosworth's most recent role is portraying Sandra Dee opposite Kevin Spacey, one of her longtime idols, in Beyond the Sea. She has also already completed filming her next film appearance in Bee Season, as Chali, a Hare Krishna cult member, which is set to debut in 2005. Kate has recently said that she wishes to take time off after Beyond the Sea debuts in November of 2004, and hopes that she will finally be able to attend Princeton University next year after her many deferments possibly majoring in English and psychology. She currently results in West Hollywood, California.

Kate Bosworth Filmography

After.Life (2008)
21 (2007)
The Girl in the Park (2007) .... Louise
Superman Returns (2006) (Video Game) .... Lois Lane (voice)
Superman Returns (2006) .... Lois Lane
Bee Season (2005) .... Chali
Beyond the Sea (2004) .... Sandra Dee
Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! (2004) .... Rosalee Futch
Advantage Hart (2003) .... Trinity Montage
Wonderland (2003) .... Dawn Schiller
The Rules of Attraction (2002) .... Kelly
Blue Crush (2002) .... Anne Marie Chadwick
Remember the Titans (2000) .... Emma Hoyt
"Young Americans" .... Bella Banks (8 episodes, 2000)
The Newcomers (2000) .... Courtney Docherty
The Horse Whisperer (1998) .... Judith
"7th Heaven" .... Student in background (2 episodes, 1997)
-- aka 7th Heaven: Beginnings
-- aka Seventh Heaven

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