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Full Name: Jaime Lynn Pressly

Birth Date: July 30, 1977

Birth Place: Kinston, North Carolina, USA

Height: 5' 5"

Quote: "People come up to me all the time and ask if I’m related to Elvis,” she sighs. “Finally, I just started saying that we’re distant cousins. The name is spelled differently, and we don’t look a damn bit alike, but people just don’t want to hear that."


Jaime Pressly Biography

An actress who used her blonde girl-next-door looks to good effect with a number of decidedly sinister roles, Jaime Pressly moved from exploitative late 1990s direct-to-video fare to a more legitimate acting career, showing potential and skill with both comedy and drama in the unlikely vehicle "Ringmaster" (1998) as well as her featured regular role on The WB's twenty-something romantic comedy series "Jack & Jill" (1999-2001). Her film debut was in 1997's cable-friendly erotic thriller "Poison Ivy: The New Seduction" and posing for Playboy that same year made Pressly's body far more famous than her body of work. Still, those who looked past the film's disproportionate amount of nudity would find that Pressly made the most of her role and brought an eerie coolness to the part of Violet that proved she had more to offer.

A trained dancer and gymnast with years of experience to her credit, the self-described tomboy showcased her athleticism with a role as assistant gymnastics coach Nikki Lang on the short-lived ABC drama "Push" (1998). Moviegoers could also catch her on the big screen that year in the high school graduation party comedy "Can't Hardly Wait". Despite being credited simply as 'Girlfriend No. 1', Pressly was featured prominently as a popular cheerleader dating a popular athlete. Her portrayal perfectly captured all of the condescending cattiness moviegoers expect from a high school golden girl without veering completely into camp. Just as she showed hints of undisclosed talent in "Poison Ivy: The New Seduction", Pressly was beginning to make the most of her angel-faced bad girl onscreen persona with performances that showed unexpected depth and range. The Jerry Springer feature vehicle "Ringmaster" was an unlikely stage for the actress' increasing skill, but even here she brought scope to her character, a sex-crazed talk show guest carrying her stepfather's child.

Regular series work on "Jack & Jill" offered Pressly the opportunity to develop her character and find an audience. Here she played Audrey, the roommate and friend since high school of Amanda Peet's Jack. The show not only gave Pressly a chance to essay a fully-realized character, but as Audrey, she was portraying a far more relatable character than she had before, one with a passion for dance and a healthy romantic relationship. Despite rocky ratings, "Jack & Jill" was picked up by The WB for a second season but during the series' hiatus, Pressly kept busy with a spate of film roles. After a turn as a thoughtful rich girl who runs with an exciting guy from the wrong side of the tracks in the independent drama "Trash" (1999), she was featured in an over the top comedic role as a woman who loves money and tacky clothing in the independent comedy "Poor White Trash" (shot in 1999).

In 2000, Pressly filmed the police thriller "Ticker,” cast alongside Dennis Hopper and Tom Sizemore and was featured in the road movie comedy "Joe Dirt". A role in the ensemble comedy "Tomcats" followed in 2001. Showing a talent for comedy as well as a good sense of humor about herself, Pressly starred in the E! Entertainment Network's original movie "Best Actress" (2000), playing a soft core porn actress whose major career change lands her in the running for the titular Academy Award. While her own real life career arc didn't quite hit either extreme, Pressly's move into more established projects and her promise as a performer would help the actress trade in her vampy teen seductress past for a more stable and varied acting future--though she would take on one last teen vamp role as Priscilla the Bitchy Cheerleader in the spoof "Not Another Teen Movie" (2001).

Pressly next detoured into several TV guest appearances on series such as "Charmed," "The Twilight Zone," "Fastlane" and "Becker"—as well as the covers of various "laddie" magazines such as Maxim and a series of odd telephone service commercials. After launching her own lingerie line called J'Aime in 2003, the actress returned to the big screen as a bad ass biker babe with a penchant for tonguing her lip ring in the videogame-like motorcycle action thriller, "Torque" (2004), and landed a recurring role on the modest NBC sitcom "Happy Family" (2003- ). She capped off a high-profile 2004 with her second Playboy spread, a more arty endeavor that put her on the cover and, she noted, did not involve complete full-frontal nudity. After appearing as herself on episodes of “Entourage” (HBO, 2004- ) and “The Starlet” (WB, 2005), Pressly landed a regular role in “My Name is Earl” (NBC, 2005- ), a comedy starring Jason Lee as a dimwitted crook who has an epiphany after winning the lottery to rectify all the mistakes he’s made throughout his life.

Jaime Pressly Filmography

"My Name Is Earl" .... Joy Turner (2005 - )
Venus & Vegas (2007) .... Tara
DOA: Dead or Alive (2006) .... Tina Armstrong
-- aka DOA
"Las Vegas" .... Kerri Kowalski (1 episode: "Coyote Ugly" 2006)
Death to the Supermodels (2005) (Straight to Video) .... Tiffany
Cruel World (2005) .... Catherine Anderson
Evel Knievel (2004) (TV Movie) .... Linda Bork
The Karate Dog (2004) .... Ashley Wilkens
Torque (2004) .... China
"Happy Family" .... Alex (1 episode: "Rules and Girls" 2004)
"Becker" .... Grace (1 episode: "Sister Spoils the Turkey" 2003)
"Fastlane" .... Sara Matthews (1 episode: "Strap On" 2003)
Alligator Point (2003) (TV Movie)
"The Twilight Zone" .... Sensuous Cindy (1 episode: "Sensuous Cindy" 2002)
"Charmed" .... Mylie (1 episode: "A Witch's Tail: Part 1" 2002)
Demon Island (2002) .... Tina
-- aka Piñata: Survival Island
The Johnny Chronicles (2002) (TV Movie) .... Charlie
Footprints (2002)
Not Another Teen Movie (2001) .... Priscilla
-- aka Sex Academy
"Going to California" .... Kylie Guartz (1 episode: "This Year's Model " 2001)
Ticker (2001) .... Claire Manning
Joe Dirt (2001) .... Jill
-- aka The Adventures of Joe Dirt
Tomcats (2001) .... Tricia
100 Girls (2000) .... Cynthia
Poor White Trash (2000) .... Sandy Lake
Best Actress (2000) (TV Movie) .... Karen Kroll
"Jack & Jill" .... Audrey Griffin (1999-2001)
Inferno (1999) .... Dottie Matthews
-- aka Desert Heat
Trash (1999) .... C.J. Callum
-- aka No Fear
-- aka Nobody's Children
"Mortal Kombat: Conquest" .... Mika (3 episodes, 1998-1999)
Ringmaster (1998) .... Angel Zorzak
Can't Hardly Wait (1998) .... Beth, Girlfriend 1
"Night Man" .... Yvette (1 episode: "Double Vision" 1998)
"Silk Stalkings" .... Kara Delaney (1 episode: "Teacher's Pet" 1998)
"Push" .... Nikki Lang (6 episodes, 1998)
Poison Ivy: The New Seduction (1997) (Straight to Video) .... Violet
Mercenary (1997) (TV Movie) .... Pre-teen American Girl
The Journey: Absolution (1997) .... Allison Waite
Against the Law (1997) .... Sally the Waitress

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