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Ingrid Seynhaeve
Ingrid Seynhaeve

Birth Date: June 28, 1975

Birth Place: Belgium

Height: 5' 9"

Occupation: Model

Measurements: 34½-23½-35


Ingrid Seynhaeve Biography

Born and raised in a small Belgian town, Ingrid Seynhaeve never dreamed of becoming a model. When Ingrid was 16, her mother noticed her daughter's increasing interest in young men and their increasing interest in her daughter. In hopes of reducing the attention of these admirers so Ingrid would focus on school, her mother escorted her to the hairdresser to cut her long blonde hair short. While at the salon, an agent spotted her before the first cut was made and cast her in a hair product campaign. Soon after, she signed with an agency in Brussels and two years later moved to New York as Belgium's representative for Elite's Look of the Year contest.

After winning the prestigious Look of the Year, Ingrid’s beautiful face and sexy body captivated the attention of millions of people as she found herself gracing the pages of one of the most highly anticipated magazines of the year, the 1995 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calendar, which included her own poster.

Still represented by Elite Model Management, Ingrid has appeared in magazines and commercials throughout the world, and is a recurring runway model for many of the top designers. In 1995, she landed the coveted GUESS? campaign, shot by Dewey Nicks in Hawaii, garnering attention around the world. She is a regular in the campaigns for Ralph Lauren and Buffalo Jeans. In addition, she regularly graces the pages of the Victoria's Secret catalog.

Ingrid divides her time between New York and Paris, which gives her ample time to speak five languages in which she is fluent, and to visit her family and horse in Belgium. When not working, she enjoys rollerblading, playing the piano and shopping.

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