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Gwyneth Paltrow
Gwyneth Paltrow

Full Name: Gwyneth Kate Paltrow

Birth Date: September 28, 1973

Birth Place: Los Angeles, CA, USA

Height: 5' 9"

Measurements: 33 1/2-25-35

Quote: "I'd rather not have a big house, a huge closet of clothes, diamonds and a private plane, and instead a body of work that I'm proud of."


Gwyneth Paltrow Biography

Gwyneth Paltrow was born in 1973 in Los Angeles, the daughter of noted film director Bruce Paltrow and Tony award-winning actress Blythe Danner. She lived in LA for most of her childhood, where she first tried her hand at acting.

When Gwyneth was 11, the family moved to Massachusetts so her father could work in summer stock productions in the Berkshires. It was in Massachusetts where Gwyneth first started her serious acting. She also spent some time in her early teens in Talavera de la Reina, and can now speak fluent Spanish. She attended the Spence School in New York City, New York. In 1990, she graduated and decided to go back home to the West Coast for college.

In 1990 Gwyneth graduated from The Spence School in New York, NY. She moved to California where she attended the University of California in Santa Barbara, majoring in Art History. In 1991, she quit the University of California and began to actively pursue a career in acting.

She made her film debut with a small part in Hook (1991) playing young Wendy opposite Robin Williams playing grown-up Peter Pan. But, it was her performance in the title role of Emma Woodhouse in Emma (1996) that led to her being offered the role of Viola in Shakespeare in Love (1998).

After a role in the thriller Seven in 1995, in which she played Brad Pitt's wife, she began dating the Sexiest Man Alive. Their relationship landed them on covers from the sleaziest tabloids to the media mainstream. She and Brad were engaged, but the engagement was soon broken reportedly by Gwyneth. She stated neither she nor Pitt felt that they could pursue their careers and maintain a happy marriage. Although they remain friends, the relationship took its toll on Gwyneth. "It really changed my life. When we split up, something changed, permanently, in me. My heart sort of broke that day, and it will never be the same." Gwyneth was invited to Brad's wedding to Jennifer Aniston but refused to attend.

In 1996, Gwyneth was confirmed as the next "Calvin Klein" model. In 1998, she took a role in "Shakespeare in Love," a film that would confirm her as one of Hollywood's best actresses. She later won an Oscar for Best Actress for the role. She is also one of Hollywood's busiest actresses, signed on to no less than 15 movies since 1998.

Off the screen, Gwyneth seems genuine and sincere. Although, Movieline magazine ranked Gwyneth as the most "stuck-up" actress in Hollywood. Regardless, she is beloved by fans and critics alike. Her high-profile romances have continued, this with "Shakespeare" costar Ben Affleck. Although the romance has officially cooled, tabloids can't keep quiet that the two are actually still involved.

Gwyneth's most recent projects include, her role as Maud Bailey in upcoming film, Possession. Following, she will appear in The Royal Tenenbaums, Shallow Hal, and in 2002, A View from the Top. This young beauty certainly has a veiw from the top, and is loving what she sees. You can be sure to see a lot more of her in the future.

Gwyneth Paltrow Filmography

Iron Man (2008) .... Virginia 'Pepper' Potts
Dirty Tricks (2008) .... Maureen Dean
The Good Night (2007) .... Dora
Running with Scissors (2006) .... Hope Finch
Love and Other Disasters (2006) .... Hollywood Jacks
Infamous (2006) .... Kitty Dean
Proof (2005) .... Catherine
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (2004) .... Polly Perkins
Sylvia (2003) .... Sylvia Plath
View from the Top (2003) .... Donna Jensen
Possession (2002) .... Maud Bailey
Austin Powers in Goldmember (aka Austin Powers: Goldmember) (2002) .... Gwyneth Paltrow as Dixie Normous in 'Austinpussy'
"Saturday Night Live" .... Host (2 episodes, 24.12 (1999), 27.5 (2001))
Shallow Hal (2001) .... Rosemary Shanahan
The Royal Tenenbaums (2001) .... Margot Tenenbaum
The Anniversary Party (2001) .... Skye Davidson
Bounce (2000) .... Abby Janello
Duets (2000) .... Liv
The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999) .... Marge Sherwood
Beautiful Tender Sensitive Haunted Passionate Talented Mr. Ripley (USA: complete title)
Shakespeare in Love (1998) .... Viola De Lesseps
A Perfect Murder (1998) .... Emily Bradford Taylor
Hush (1998) .... Helen Baring
Great Expectations (1998) .... Estella
Sliding Doors (1998) .... Helen Quilley
"Thomas Jefferson" (1997) (TV Mini Series) .... Jefferson's grandaughter (voice)
Emma (1996) .... Emma Woodhouse
The Pallbearer (1996) .... Julie DeMarco
Sydney (aka Hard Eight) (1996) .... Clementine
Moonlight and Valentino (1995) (TV Movie) .... Lucy Trager
Se7en (1995) .... Tracy Mills
Jefferson in Paris (1995) .... Patsy Jefferson
Higher Learning (1995) (uncredited) .... Student
Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle (aka Mrs. Parker and the Round Table) (1994) .... Paula Hunt
Flesh and Bone (1993) .... Ginnie
Malice (1993) .... Paula Bell
Deadly Relations (1993) (TV Movie) .... Carol Ann Fagot Applegarth Holland
Cruel Doubt (1992) (TV Movie) .... Angela Pritchard
Hook (1991) .... Young Wendy
Shout (1991) .... Rebecca

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