Please read through the following FAQ and answers. If you have a question not listed here send us an email here.
Q: Do you have/will you send me the phone number, email, address, specific photos and/or video, autographed photos, contacts for so-n-so's manager or agent, etc.?
A: No. Chances are, if it's not on Heavenly, we don't have it.
Q: I have a celebrity I'd like to see on Heavenly. How can I suggest a celeb?
A: First go here to see if your celebrity has already been suggested. If she's not on the list, send us an email here and tell us who you'd like to see. Suggestions are always appreciated.
Q: I suggested a celebrity a while ago and she still hasn't been added to Heavenly. Why not?
A: We receive lots of suggestions, so not every celeb will be put up as quickly as everyone would like. Please be patient. Sending emails asking why your celebrity hasn't been put up will not speed up the process.
Q: Is the nude section free?
A: YES. All you need to do is sign up with SexKey to receive your FREE username and password. Go here to sign up now. Click here for FAQ about SexKey.

Q: I have a SexKey username and password, but I can't get into Heavenly's nude section. What's wrong?
A: It could be a number of things:
     1. Your username and password may have expired.
     2. After you log in with SexKey, it should bring you to a page with ads on it, and at the top of that page there should be a text link that says 'no thanks.' Click that link and it should bring you right into Heavenly's nude section.
     3. You may not be able to gain access if you have a firewall, proxi-server, or LAN connection preventing it, because of the protection on Heavenly. We suggest turning off any firewall that you have running, or trying it from a different computer.
     4. If cookies are not enabled, it may be blocking your entrance to SexKey and/or breaking all of the images on the site. Try allowing cookies.

Q: I'd like to exchange links with Heavenly. How can I go about doing that?
A: Go here.
Q: How do I cancel my SexKey/Porn King account?
A: We cannot cancel those accounts for you. You need to contact SexKey/Porn King about cancellations.

Frequently Asked Questions For SexKey:

1. Q: How can they not charge anything for SexKey?
A: By signing up for your FREE SexKey ID you are also given a free five day trial membership to one of the best adult sites on the web -
2. Q: Will it show up on my credit card bill?
A: You will never be charged for your SexKey membership.