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Elise Neal
Elise Neal

Birth Date: March 14, 1966

Birth Place: Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Height: 5' 7"

Occupation: Actress


Elise Neal Biography

Although she may not have achieved her youthful dream of becoming a Solid Gold dancer, some might argue that it was more a matter of overshooting that dream rather than failing to achieve it. Elise Neal still loves to dance, even appearing on Star Search before working professionally as a dancer, though she is more likely to be recognized for her frequent work in television and film.

Born in Tenessee, Neal's ballerina beginnings were set into motion after spending long hours in front of the television admiring the cutesy song-and-dance antics of Shirley Temple. A popular teenager, Neal was voted Homecoming Queen, and after high school moved to New York to pursue a career as a dancer. Finding frequent work in musical theater that eventually led to small roles in commercials, Neal soon began to realize her affection for appearing on camera.

After moving to L.A. to chase her newfound dreams of becoming a full-time actress, Neal made an appearance on Law & Order before her screen debut in Spike Lee's Malcolm X (1992). Appearing frequently in television for the next few years with recurring roles in such series as SeaQuest DSV and Tales of the City, Neal later appeared in John Singleton's Rosewood and Money Talks (both 1997) before making a memorable appearance in Scream 2. Moving seamlessly between roles in television and film, Neal moved into sitcom territory with The Hughleys before returning to the screen in 2000 with Mission to Mars. By 2003 she was back on television on the TV series All of Us. In 2005 she will appear in Hustle & Flow as Yevette.

Elise Neal Filmography

Political Engagement (2008) .... Madison Alderman
Thug Passion (2007) .... Passion
4 Life (2007) (Straigh to Video) .... Jare'
"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" .... Giselle (1 episode: "Bodies in Motion" 2005)
-- aka C.S.I.
-- aka CSI: Las Vegas
-- aka CSI: Weekends
Hustle & Flow (2005) .... Yevette
"Method & Red" .... Brenda (1 episode: "Something About Brenda" 2004)
"All of Us" .... Tia Jewel (2003-2005)
Playas Ball (2003) .... Summer
"A.U.S.A." .... Jill David (1 episode, Pilot, 2003)
Paid in Full (2002) .... Aunt Jane
Brian's Song (2001) (TV) .... Linda Sayers
Sacred Is the Flesh (2001) .... Gabi Paige
-- aka Sacred
The Rising Place (2001) .... Wilma Watson
Mission to Mars (2000) .... Debra Graham
-- aka M2M
"Fantasy Island" .... Catherine (1 episode: "Wishboned" 1998)
"The Hughleys" .... Yvonne Hughley (1 episode, Pilot, 1998)
Restaurant (1998) .... Jeanine
Chance of a Lifetime (1998) (TV) .... Amy
"The Wayans Bros." .... Tanya Cooper (1 episode: "The Rich Girl" 1998)
Scream 2 (1997) .... Hallie McDaniel
Money Talks (1997) .... Paula
How to Be a Player (1997) .... Nadine
-- aka Def Jam's How to Be a Player
Rosewood (1997) .... Beulah (Scrappie)
"Hitz" (1 episode: "You Can Almost Go Home Again" 1997)
"The Steve Harvey Show" .... Juanita Du'Shea (1 episode: "Pool Sharks Git Bit" 1996)
"Living Single" .... Sharon (1 episode: "School's Out Forever" 1996)
-- aka My Girls
Daddy's Girl (1996) (TV) .... Alicia
"SeaQuest DSV" .... Lt. J.J. Fredricks (1995-1996)
-- aka SeaQuest 2032
"Pointman" .... Millie (1 episode: "Take the Points" 1995)
Let It Be Me (1995) .... Carlita
-- aka Love Dance
"Hangin' with Mr. Cooper" .... Lisa (2 episodes, 1993, 1995)
"Chicago Hope" .... Tamara Parnett (1 episode: "Cutting Edges" 1995)
"Loving" (1983) TV Series .... Janey Sinclair (1994)
"The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" .... Wendy (1 episode: "M Is for the Many Things She Gave Me" 1994)
"Family Matters" .... Heather (1 episode: "Car Wars" 1993)
"California Dreams" .... Miss Jackie (1 episode: "High Plains Dreamer" 1993)
-- aka Dreams
There Was a Little Boy (1993) (TV) .... Young Woman
"Tales of the City" (1993) (TV Mini Series) .... Spa Instructress
-- aka Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City
Malcolm X (1992) .... Hooker
-- aka X
"Law & Order" .... Charlayne Ward (1 episode: "Cradle to Grave" 1992)
-- aka Law & Order Prime

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