Alicia Keys
Alicia Keys

Birth Name: Alicia Augello Cook

Birth Date: Jan 25, 1981

Birth Place: Manhattan, New York

Education: Columbia University

Quote: "The other day, I was walking somewhere with my manager and some other people, and I was looking over talking to them when-smack!-I walked right into a pole. It's hard to feel like a star when you 're walking face-first into things."



Alicia Keys Biography

Born and raised in Manhattan, New York, bi-racial Alicia Keys is quite a talent whose various and gifts came to light when she was only about five years old. Keys grew up receiving influences from numerous sources. Her mother, very supportive of Alicia's dreams, told Alicia that she could quit anything else, but she could never give up on her piano lessons. Because of this, Alicia continues to play the piano today. Alicia was also influenced by an instructor she had while she was majoring in Choir at the Professional Performance Arts School in Manhattan. The instructor gave Alicia beneficial guidance on her voice. "This teacher spent so much time with me, she became the closest thing to vocal training I received," Alicia says.

Because of her exceptional grades, Alicia was allowed to finish high school at the early age of 16. "I was so deeply involved in music, I had already outgrown all the pressure of high school cliques and gossip." Columbia University immediately accepted Keys and she decided to take advantage of the offer, but her deep interest in music continues to prevail over everything else.

In the midst of being fought over by record labels, Alicia signed to Clive Davis' Arista Records in 1998 and from then, she continued through the procedure of writing, producing, and recording the debut album which she had been creating since the tender age of 14.

In late 1999, Alicia got with J Records, another label belonging to Clive Davis. With the release of her debut, Songs in A Minor, a star has been born. Most of the songs on the album were written and arranged by Keys herself. The profound, mellow, emotional, and soulful album has introduced us to a young woman who is wise-beyond-her-years. Keys' mélange of touching and powerful vocals, exquisite piano skills, and exhilarating performances (and the braids) could possibly make her a Roberta Flack-esque or Stevie Wonder-esque legend in the future.

Alicia Keys Filmography

The Secret Life of Bees (2008) .... June Boatwright
The Nanny Diaries (2007) .... Lynette
Smokin' Aces (2006) .... Georgia Sykes
The Backyardigans (TV series) .... Boinga's Mom (1 episode, "Mission to Mars")
American Dreams (aka Our Generation) (TV series) .... Fontella Bass (1 episode, "Rescue Me" 2003)
Charmed (TV series) .... P3 VIP Patron (1 episode, "Size Matters" 2001)
The Cosby Show (TV series) .... Maria (1 episode, "Slumber Party" 1985)

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